The Circular Community Foundation (CCF) is a network-based not for profit organisation, consisting of a growing group of international circularity experts and developers in the field of participatory rural and urban development.

CCF has been founded by Mo Smit, Els Leclercq and Suzanne Loen who have long standing knowledge of and experience in the topic of circularity, in particular related to buildings & construction methods, urban area development & urban design, ecology & water systems and landscape design. All three are affiliated with Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), amongst other institutions and organisations.

The development network of CCF currently consists of the following experts and developers:

Akhmad Gunawan, Dibya Kusyala, Els Leclercq, Freddie Koch, Johanna Wörner, Martin van Splunter, Mo Smit, Rick Vleghert, Rushabh Chedda, Sae Adipurnomo, Shinta Prabonno, Suzanne Loen, Tanya Tsui, Wiola Sarara